Referrals Program in Broadview Heights, OH

Click here to print Referral Card

FAQS for our Referrals Program

How does our Referral Program work?
1. Click on this link and print out our referral card. You can also ask for a copy when you visit our shop.
2. Fill out the card with your name and the name of the person you're referring.
3. Ask your friend to present the card when they bring their car in for repair or service.
4. Your friend will receive $10 off on their first visit.

What is a new customer?
A new customer is someone whose car has no record in our data base.

How will I receive my $20 card?
We will confirm the mailing address and send out the $20 card.

Can I give my $20 card for anyone to use?
Yes, you can. They can be gifted towards anyone.

Should the card be used exclusively at Fuerst Automotive?
Since it's a Visa card, it can be used anywhere that accepts Visa cards.

What if I don't use the entire $20 card on my repair order?
The balance will remain in your card and can be used towards other purchases.